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Our assortment of Talavera pottery includes wall lizards, butterflies, frogs. Animal planters, vases, urns, platters, pitchers, dishes, cups, butterdishes, sinks, outdoor planters all shapes, sizes and styles. Items ordered will be from our current available stock. . The item you order will mostly likely have a differnt design than the picture on the website. This is all handmade and painted. You can request what color you want and we will try to get as close as we can. For personnel assistance call: 1-575-758-1530 or Email: info@casacristalpottery.com.

An assortment of handcrafted Talavera frogs.

Talavera Wall Frogs Assorted Sizes
Frog XSmall  Dimension     5"x6"           

Frog Small   Dimension     10"x12"       

Frog Medium  Dimension   14"x16"        

Frog Large     Dimension    18"x20"      

Frog XLarge   Dimension    26"x26"     

This beautiful ceramic butterfly is hand painted with colorful talavera design

Talavera Wall Butterflies Assorted Sizes

Butterfly Small   Dimension  5.5"x5.5"    

Butterfly Medium   Dimension  6"x6"      

Butterfly Large      Dimension   7"x7"     

An assortment of handcrafted Talavera Salamanders

Talavera Salamanders  Assorted Sizes

Salamander Small   Dimensions     4.5"x5"

Salamander Medium  Dimensions   8"x8.5"

Salamander Large   Dimensions      9"x10"

Salamander XLarge  Dimensions    17"x19" 

An assortment of Talavera Bees

Talavera Bees Assorted Sizes

Bee xSmall            Dimension     2"x2"         

Bee Small              Dimension     5.5"x7"

Bee Medium          Dimension     6.5"x8.5"

Bee Large              Dimension

Talavera Dragon Fly figures

Talavera Assorted DragonFlies


Medium                   6.5"x 9"