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At our stores we have a large selection of handmade rugs, blankets, pillowcovers, southwest style beadspreads, placemats, tablerunners, hallrunners, area rugs.The item you order will most likely have a different design or color from the picture on the website. We can come as close as possible to the color you need please notify us.  For personal assitance call us at 1-575-758-1530 or Email: info@casacristalpottery.com

Images soon to come!

The Zapoteca Indians from the Oaxaca Valley in southern Mexico are truly master craftsmen in the Art of Weaving.  A tradition passed along since Pre-Columbian times, hand weaving continues today as a reminder of the art and culture Mexico's past. Wool is obtained from the shepards of the surronding mountains, it is carefully washed and carded until ready to spin.  Using the old Hand-turnned spinning wheel, the wool is skillfully  hand spun into fine, strong yarn. Then it is hand dyed with colors rendered from local trees, herbs, and cactus fruits. The Cocheneal beetle is taken from the prickly pear cactus, after it is dried it will produce beautiful maroon colors.  In the past weaving was done for clothing and blankets. Today most weavings are made into wallhangings, rugs, tablerunners, hallrunners and bed covers. Although a blend of acrylic yarn and wool is sometimes used for economic reasons, the most highly valued are 100% wool. The value of these extraordinary Zapotec Indian Weavings increases with age.

Available Sizes: 22 X 44Available Sizes: 30 X 60

Available Sizes: 22 X 44, 30 X 60  Area rugs 4 X 6, 5 X 7, 6 X 9  all sizes are approximate

Hallrunner Sizes 2 1/2 X 10 all sizes are approximate

Tablerunner Sizes: 10" X 76", 10" X 38", 15" X 40", 15' X 60", 15" X 80" all sizes are approximate

These beautiful India rugs are inspired by traditional Native American and Southwest style art.   They are handwoven and are 100% wool and are made for durability.

Available Sizes:  20"X 40"  32" X 64"       Area Rug Sizes: 4' X 6', 4 1/2' x 7' 

Also available in Hallrunners Sizes 2 1/2' X 8' and   2 1/2' X 10'